One-Time Close New Construction Mortgages

We offer one-time close new construction loans in California to help you finance the construction, lot purchase, and 30 year fixed mortgage into a single all-at-once closing. Save time and money on financing new construction, reduce risk of fluctuating rates, and eliminate surprises through a simple consolidated loan process.

What are one-time close new home construction mortgages?

One-Time Close Loans allow borrowers in California to finance their lot purchase, home construction, and mortgage into a single loan with a minimum down payment of 5% to 10%.

Whereas most new construction loans require two separate closings (one for the construction and the other when converting into a 30 year fixed mortgage) with a downpayment in the 25%+ range, our exclusive new construction financing gives buyers the ability to close on a single loan with pre-determined criteria for moving through the construction process and converting into a permanent mortgage.

At America’s Home Loans, we work with homeowners and real estate developers big and small to obtain optimal One-Time Close Loans. Learn more about these types of loans below or schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Chris to dive into the specifics.

One-Time Construction Loan

Benefits of a one-time close mortgages:

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY – One closing means only having to cover one set of closing costs. Close on your loan once and then focus on your new construction instead of coordinating with banks.
  • LOW DOWN PAYMENT – A low down payment means less cash out-of-pocket initially to finance your lot and begin construction on your home. We offer down payments as low as 5% to 10% on One-Time Close Mortgages.
  • RATE MODIFICATION – Once construction is complete, if rates have dropped, you can lock in a new lower rate. Or if rates are higher, keep the rate you already have!
  • VACATION HOMES  – You can use One-Time Close Mortgages to finance either your primary residence or a vacation home — in Lake Tahoe or elsewhere!
  • FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS – Is this your first time buying or building a home? No problem! One-Time Close Mortgages are available to buyers with all experience levels, as long as you work with a general contractor with relevant experience, who can be preapproved prior to entering escrow.
  • REFINANCES – Already own the land? You can refinance your lot into a single One-Time Close Loan and either use your equity towards your down payment or cash out and use the funds to furnish your new home.
  • INTEREST ONLY PAYMENTS – During the build period, which can last up to 11 months, enjoy a lower, interest-only payment only on funds that have already been disbursed.
  • ONE APPROVAL PROCESS – No having to jump through the hoops of having two separate underwriting processes. One-Time Close Loans will take you all the way from purchasing or refinancing your lot and building your home to moving in and beginning regular monthly payments. 

If all that seems too good to be true, read testimonials from our satisfied clients or schedule a 15 minute consultation with Chris.


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Single Close Construction Loan FAQs

What are one-time close construction mortgages?
How do One-Time Close Construction Loans work?

One-Time Close Construction Loans are structured to move from construction financing to permanent financing with one closing. During the construction period, which can last up to 11 months, interest only payments are made based on the current draw amount.

Once the construction is completed, your loan automatically converts into a 15-year or 30-year fixed rate mortgage and you begin paying principal and interest payments (just like a regular mortgage).

What type of One-Time Close Construction Loans are available?

15 year fixed, 30 year fixed, and adjustable rate mortgages are all available.

How big of a down payment is required on a One-Time Close Construction Loan?

The required down payment will range from 5% to 10% down, to as much more as you’d like to put down.

What credit score is required for a One-Time Close Construction Mortgage?

These are considered higher risk mortgages. As such, the minimum FICO score is 700. However no worries if you don’t quite hit that requirement, as we can examine your entire financial outlook and assets to find an optimal loan solution that meets your needs.

Can I work with any contractor I want with a One-Time Close Construction Loan?

You will be required to work with a reputable contractor who meets eligibility requirements, which will include a minimum number of years in business and a minimum home volume per year.

As long as the contractor is reputable, carries the proper insurance, and has a successful track record of similar projects, among other things, you should be able to work with the builder of your choosing.

Can I build my own home using a One-Time Close Construction loan?

The arms length general contractor must be who supervises all construction. You cannot be that contractor.

What's the timeline for obtaining a One-Time Close Construction loan look like?
  1. PREAPPROVAL – First and foremost, like any loan, get preapproved so that you know how much you can borrow to build your new home. You can contact Chris for a free 15 minute consultation to get started or begin the application process yourself online.
  2. CHOOSE A CONTRACTOR – Next step is to choose a reputable builder in your area who meets the eligibility requirements. We can help walk you through that process.
  3. PREPARE A CONTRACT – A contract with your builder is required to determine the cost and timeline to build your home.
  4. UNDERWRITING – Once the contract is complete, it will be evaluated by our underwriting team. Same as if you were purchasing an existing home.
  5. CLOSING – After a final review of all documents submitted, you can sign the paperwork to close on your loan and secure financing.
  6. BEGIN CONSTRUCTION – You can typically begin construction on your home within 30 days of the closing date. We will help manage the construction phase including releasing funds and ordering inspections. During this period of time, you are only required to make interest-only payments on funds that have already been disbursed.
  7. MOVE IN – Once your home is complete, you can move in! At this point, your One-Time Close Construction Loan automatically converts into a 15-year or 30-year fixed mortgage. If rates have dropped since closing, you are entitled to take advantage of the new lower rates (without having to refinance or perform a second closing). Otherwise if you’ve still got the best rates, you can stick with what you’ve got.
What type of properties can I finance with a One-Time Close Construction Loan?

One-Time Close Construction Loans can work for a variety of home types. Contact Chris Mason today for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your construction project. 

What are other names for One-Time Close Construction Loans?

To avoid confusion when researching this loan type, keep in mind that One-Time Close Construction Loans also go by other names including:

  • Single close construction loans
  • Single close loans
  • Construction-to-perm loans
  • CTP Loans
  • One-time close loans
  • Construction conversion loans
  • All-in-one construction loans
  • Fannie Mae HomeReady
How do I get started with a One-Time Close Construction Loan in California?

Contact Chris Mason today for a free 15 minute consultation or begin the application process online to get started.

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