Independent Mortgage Broker in California
Independent Mortgage Broker in California


Your mortgage broker needs an office in your city.

✔️ FACT:

They need to pick up the phone when you call!

The reality is that after your first initial consultation with your mortgage lender, 100% of your communication is going to happen on the phone or via e-mail / text — including up until the time you close on a home.

A local office is only important if you can’t get ahold of your mortgage broker and need to drive down there and ask them, “Where’d you disappear to???”

What’s most important when working with a lender is that they pick up your calls and/or call you back the same day when you need them. 

In fact… a GREAT MORTGAGE BROKER will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process so that YOU don’t ever have to follow up with THEM to find out what’s going on with your mortgage!

At America’s Home Loans, we pride ourselves on our UNPARALLELED SUPPORT and COMMUNICATION throughout your entire lending process.

Before you go with the lender down the street, let us show you what we’ve got to offer California home buyers.

Our offices are located in the East Bay area, but we service first time home buyers and investors all over California through our remote mortgage lending services.

We guarantee that you’ll feel more taken care of by our team remotely than you would at your local bank or lender.

Call Chris Mason at (415) 846-9211 or use our online form for a FAST & FREE rate quote.

Let’s see how much we can save YOU on a mortgage!

PS: We’re happy to work with your Realtor of choice, or if you don’t have one yet, we can connect you to our network of local pros in your area. 


"My partner and I worked with Chris on the loan for our first home. From the first call, we learned a TON from Chris, who gave us extensive details about the process of getting a mortgage and why the market for mortgages acts the way it does. He also gave us some great information about the housing market in our area, and set reasonable expectations for us every step of the way. He was super transparent about where all the numbers were coming from, and got us a great mortgage rate. He was also very responsive with us and our realtor, and helped move along all of the parts of the process quickly and efficiently. Would recommend him highly to anyone."

Joseph L.


"Chris does a great job in taking the time to make sure we know what to do and what all the jargon means. He's very responsive and patient. Critical for first-time home buyers like us! Excellent work!"

Juan R.


"From our very first conversation it was clear that Chris was very willing to help educate us on the loan and home buying process. Of the three loan officers/brokers we talked to, Chris was clearly the most knowledgeable and answered every single one of our questions in a way we were able to understand. Most importantly, Chris found us the lowest rate and we were able to close in just over a month."

SeanPaul L.


"I'm really glad I went with Chris Mason to help set up my mortgage. I had shopped around with various brokers/lenders ahead of time and Chris came recommended via a friend who worked with him on their refinancing. I was really impressed with his responsiveness and how hard Chris worked. His communication was direct and clear (and often funny) every step of the way. I appreciated that he gave me the pros and cons for going with various mortgage options."

Colin F.

Independent Mortgage Broker Serving ALL of California

At America’s Home Loans, we LOVE working with California home buyers because we know just how much value we can bring to their real estate experience, whether it’s their first time buying a home or they’ve already done this a few times.

A few ways that we shine for home buyers:

  • SHOP MULTIPLE LENDERS RATES – As an independent mortgage broker, we shop the ENTIRE MARKETPLACE for home loans to find you the most optimal mortgage. Unlike a direct lender, we are not tied to one bank or lending institution.
  • LOW (OR ZERO) CLOSING FEES – We are a small independent shop with minimal overhead, and we pass those savings on directly to you. We’re even able to offer qualified home buyers ZERO lender & closing fees who borrow at least $350k for their home purchase or refinance.
  • LOWER PMI – Mortgage insurance is typically required on loans where the buyer puts down less than 20% and drops off when you hit 20% equity in your home. Most home buyers are aware of that, but did you know that lenders can shop your PMI separate from the loan itself? We’ll help you reduce your overall monthly payment with a more competitive mortgage insurance rate.
  • PHENOMENALLY FAST CLOSINGS – The most common delays with buying a home comes down to obtaining financing. A delay in financing costs you time, money, and sometimes even the property itself. At America’s Home Loans, we create a financing timeline for you and then STICK TO IT so that stay on track to close on your home on the expected date (or sooner).
  • TRANSPARENCY – We highly value transparency and make it the cornerstone of all of our marketing and client communications.
  • UNPARALLELED SUPPORT – There’s a reason why most of our business comes from client and Realtor referrals — because they know (from experience) the level of communication and support we offer home buyers throughout their entire experience. From the very beginning to the absolute end of your financing process, we don’t rest until you’re a homeowner!

If all that seems too good to be true, read testimonials from our satisfied home buying clients.

Types of Loans We Offer

There are hundreds of different types of loans available to home buyers in today’s real estate market. Understanding and having access to a full marketplace of loans can save you thousands of dollars at loan origination and hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your loan. Below are a few (but not all) types of loans that we work with:

  • Conventional – Your most traditional non-government backed loans. A common myth with conventional mortgages is that they require at least 20% down. However, we’ve got conventional loans for as little as 0%, 3%, 5%, and 10% down.
  • FHA Loans – A type of mortgage issued by an FHA-approved lender (like America’s Home Loans) and insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These types of loans are well known for their 3.5% down payment.
  • VA Loans – Loans that are guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and made available to assist veterans into purchasing homes with a low interest rate and low down payment. A common myth in Californai is that it’s “impossible” to buy a home with a VA loan, given current market conditions. However this is not true! We specialize in VA loans – and our owner Chris Mason is himself a veteran who owns a home in the Bay Area purchased with VA financing.
  • Down Payment Assistance – Not having 3.5% to put down doesn’t necessarily preclude you from home ownership. We have solutions in the form of grants and second mortgages available to assist our clients in obtaining a home with ZERO down — including financing closing costs.
  • Subsidized PMI – For buyers who can handle the minimum down payment, and the monthly payments, but don’t like the prospect of expensive Private Mortgage Insurance, we offer programs with significantly subsidized PMI which helps significantly reduce your monthly payments.
  • Buying From Family – We work with lenders offering special financing to family members who are buying a house from a relative member. at an attractive price relative to full market value.
  • Jumbo Loans – These types of loans are characterized by their low down payments, designed to finance luxury properties and homes in highly competitive local real estate markets like California. Jumbo lenders offer mortgages with up to a 90% – 95% loan-to-value ratio.
  • Vacation Home Loans – Owning a second home allows you to deduct for mortgage interest and property taxes, just as you do with your first-home mortgage. We have special loan programs available exclusively for vacation home buyers which help maximize your tax incentives and lower your APR.

These are just a handful of the types of loans we have available to home buyers, vacation home buyers, and 1st time home buyers. Contact us today at (415) 846-9211 or schedule a call via our online form for a FAST & FREE rate quote and to get all your mortgage questions answered with Chris Mason.

The #1 Mistake of New Buyers

The biggest mistake that many home buyers make is starting and ending their mortgage search with their bank. The problem with this approach is that banks are notorious for NOT having the best rates! The reason is that banks don’t specialize in mortgage loans — it’s just another product they sell. All big banks really do is sell you a mortgage with a high rate and high fees, take the profits they made originating your loan, and then turn around and immediately sell your mortgage to another institution.

An independent mortgage broker like America’s Home Loans lets you cut out the middleman (the banks) and find the best rates directly with these other lending institutions. This is why once home buyers and investors discover independent mortgage brokers, they never shop mortgages with banks ever again!


The #2 Mistake of Home Buyers

The second biggest mistake home buyers make is thinking that they’re limited to working with their local mortgage lenders. We are licensed to work with clients throughout the ENTIRE state of California and can help you obtain the most optimal mortgage no matter where in California you’re buying.

Call Chris Mason at (415) 846-9211 or use our online form for a FAST & FREE rate quote. Let’s see how much we can save YOU on a mortgage!

Chris Mason, Loan Officer


"I have completed 4 transactions with Chris and defer to him for all loan market trends. He is responsive and knowledgeable. I can not recommend him highly enough. I always appreciate working with him. Go to guy for property financing."

Jessica H.

Areas We Service

Our local offices serve the greater East Bay Area including:

East Bay ◦ Berkeley ◦ Oakland ◦ San Leandro ◦ Richmond ◦ Albany ◦ Alameda ◦ Pinole ◦ Martinez ◦ Contra Costa County ◦ San Lorenzo ◦ Hayward ◦ Fremont ◦ Walnut Creek ◦ Concord ◦ Union City ◦ SacramentoElk GroveVallejo

Our remote services allow us to serve clients anywhere in California including the Los Angeles and San Diego Metropolitan Areas.

How much can we save YOU on a mortgage?

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"I was referred to Chris by a close friend of mine and after our first phone call I knew I was in good hands. I'm a new investor and Chris went above and beyond to help me with my first property. He got me a great interest rate and closing was way faster than I had expected! I will definitely be going through him again when I get my next property. Thanks again!"


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