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There’s a reason why home buyers and investors come back to Chris Mason and America’s Home Loans for all of their real estate financing needs. And why most of our business comes from client and Realtor referrals — because they know (from experience) the level of communication and support we offer our clients throughout their entire real estate purchase. From the very beginning to the absolute end of your loan process, we don’t rest until you close!

We serve clients all over California through our remote mortgage services, and our offices in El Cerrito, California locally serve the greater East Bay and San Francisco Bay Area.

We know numbers. And you’re not one of them!

We take pride in treating each client as an INDIVIDUAL and not a NUMBER. You’re more than just a loan application to us and we are committed to understanding your needs and helping you obtain the absolute best loan possible.

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We are an independent mortgage broker

As an independent mortgage broker, we aren’t tied to one bank, lending institution, or single portfolio of loan programs. Which means we are able to shop the entire marketplace to find the best mortgage solution for your particular needs.

Whereas, you might also be familiar with the term direct lender, which we are not. Direct lenders work for one bank or lending institution and are only able to sell mortgages from the loan programs made available to them by their bank. In the state of California, only independent mortgage brokers are legal fiduciaries. So when you walk into a Wells Fargo, the direct lender you speak to is only held to the standard of a sales person, not a fiduciary, which means he or she can put their bank’s and their own personal financial interests above your financial interests.

When shopping for mortgages, you should never just speak to a loan officer because you’d be excluding yourself from a broad set of loan programs that most likely offer lower rates, better terms, and faster closings.

All big banks do is take the profits they made on originating your loan and then immediately sell your mortgage to another institution. An independent mortgage broker like America’s Home Loans lets you cut out the middleman (the banks) and find the best rates directly with these other lending institutions. This is why once home buyers and investors discover independent mortgage brokers, they never shop mortgages with banks ever again!


“The difference with Chris vs other banks, was an interactive approach where we as buyers could actually see the math in real time. Way more transparent than any other lender I’ve worked with. Definitely would recommend. Thanks Chris!”

Kevin C.

Chris Mason, loan officer at America’s Home Loans, has built a solid local reputation helping first time homebuyers, refinancers, and real estate investors obtain optimal and fast mortgage financing to help them accomplish their goals .

He prides himself on offering unparalleled support and treating every client like an INDIVIDUAL and not a NUMBER.

Chris joined the Marines at the age of 17 where he then served over eight years, including as an infantryman in the First Battle of Fallujah. He retired as a Sergeant of Marines and then attended U.C. Berkeley where he graduated with honors with a degree in Business Administration. From there, Chris started his career in the mortgage industry working for larger lending institutions. He opened the El Cerrito branch of America’s Home Loans in 2014 so that he could provide the type of client service he felt was missing from bigger lending institutions.

Chris believes in the American Dream and derives great satisfaction from putting first-time homebuyer families into their first homes and first time investors on a pathway towards financial freedom.

Chris Mason, Loan Officer


Jane Chu is a loan officer at America’s Home Loans. When Jane was a first time home buyer, she was frustrated with the inefficiencies, lack of transparency and the handling of the process in general.  Her motivation as a loan officer is to create better experiences for her clients, streamline processes and act as the go-to resource for all things mortgage-related.  

She previously worked in equity research at UBS, investor relations at Morgan Stanley and in administrative operations for two technology startup companies.  

Jane holds a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Spanish from The University of Texas at Austin.

Jane Chu

Jane Chu, Loan Officer


“Chris and his team were incredibly helpful. They came into the buying process very late (after I was already in escrow and it did not work out with a prior mortgage broker). Chris was able to offer me loan products that worked for me and successfully close on a tight schedule. He was also available to answer my questions. I highly recommend working with him.”

Iman W.


“I was referred to Chris by a close friend of mine and after our first phone call I knew I was in good hands. I’m a new investor and Chris went above and beyond to help me with my first property. He got me a great interest rate and closing was way faster than I had expected! I will definitely be going through him again when I get my next property. Thanks again!”


We’re Standing By Ready To Serve You

Chris Mason and America’s Home Loans are deeply committed to their clients and ensuring that they receive an above optimal experience by providing sophisticated and personalized brokerage services at every step of the loan origination process. We take pride in treating each client as an individual, not a number, and are committed to helping you obtain the absolute best loan possible. Contact us today at (415) 846-9211 or schedule a call via our online form to get all your mortgage questions answered with Chris Mason.

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