The Frustration

  I’ll let Michael share his perspective, who purchased his home about a year ago with his soon-to-be-wife: “The moment mortgage rates started to drop, I started to get bombarded with solicitations to refinance. It’s not at all clear to me who is acting in good faith, what the gotchas are, and what I need to look out for. The numbers sound great, but I just don’t know. Even if they are acting in good faith, is this proposed refinance tailored to me, or is it a generic one-size fits all that may not be a good fit?”

 The Solution

With our network of lenders, we can source a multitude of options, which we will narrow down to a few that are tailor suited to your goals and expectations.

For example if this is your “forever” home, we will present 30 year fixed rate options that are a best-fit for that, along with at least one “standard” option that’s in-line with the solicitations you are already receiving. By contrast if this is your “3 to 5 year” home, we will still present at least one “standard” option, along with options focused on the lowest possible closing costs.

If you’re about to start a new business, there are solutions tailor-fit for that, too. We do not need to collect your social security number or run your credit to present options, you will see numbers during our very first conversation; we do not avoid client-specific and scenario-specific rates, we embrace it.

We start with the assumption that you’re a reasonably well-informed individual or family when it comes to your own personal finances, credit, and probable home value. Please be near your computer so we can go over numbers, and set up your free one-on-one low pressure consultation here!




"I have completed 4 transactions with Chris and defer to him for all loan market trends. He is responsive and knowledgeable. I can not recommend him highly enough. I always appreciate working with him. Go to guy for property financing."

Jessica H.


“This is the second time I’ve worked with Chris Mason. The first was to purchase my first home a few years ago, and more recently to refinance (and take advantage of the low rates!) Chris was always very helpful in explaining the home buying process, communicating timelines and helping make sure I was on track with submitting all the documentation needed. For the refinance, and for my initial purchase, Chris worked efficiently, utilizing technology, so I could close remotely without any issues.”

Ashley W.


"I have to say my first home buying experience was rushed & unprofessional, it definitely left a sour taste for me. This time around through cross referencing, I was able find Chris & I am truly thankful for that. Chris walked me through the entire process (over the phone and in person) always making sure I was fully informed before committing to any agreements. Not only did he beat other rates, he saved me time & wasted effort. I’m looking forward to funding my next home before the close of this year, thank you Chris :)"

Brandon B.


"Chris is extremely knowledgeable about all things mortgage. Him and Brian make the whole process simple, smooth and quick. A refinance in under 3 weeks in the middle of a pandemic, Chris is the guy that can make this happen. Thanks again!"

Samuel L.