Business Growth With an SBA 7a Loan

by | May 24, 2024

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Biz Growth With an SBA 7a Loan


Why should your business improve your landlord’s property? If you’re going to invest in improving your space, your business should own that space!


SBA loans often require only 10 or 15% down. SBA loans are the only commercial real estate mortgages that offer this level of leverage. 

Low Payments

Many commercial mortgages require short 20 year repayment terms, but SBA real estate loans are often for 25 years. The payment on an SBA loan will often be less than the market rate rent on a similar property. 

Flexible Property Types

SBA loans are a good fit for a wide range of commercial real estate, from restaurant spaces, warehouses, RV parks and hotels, and offices, provided that your business will occupy >50% of the space.

Fixed Interest Rates 

With an SBA 7a loan, you have the option to have the interest rate fixed for the full term.

Shop Multiple Lenders

We work with over 700  commercial mortgage lenders throughout the entire United States, all housed within our proprietary database.

Commercial Mortgages are Scary

Don’t worry, we’ve done it before. Many times. Your business is unique, and we know how to present it in a way that banks will understand, in their own language. 

For Established Business Owners

SBA 7a loans can even finance the build-out. It’s reasonable to be hesitant to do excessive upgrades to your landlord’s property. But now that this will be the home of your business for years or decades to come, why not add that next level of upgrades that your business has always needed anyways?

No Upfront Fees

For Real Estate Brokers & Agents

When you most elite and valuable clients reach out to ask if you do commercial, why are you turning them away? Yes, it’s different, and sometimes the same terms have different meanings (GLA = gross leasable area) but your existing skill-set will actually work quite well for helping your clients that are small business owners expand. I’ve helped many residential Realtors expand their business to new heights with commercial real estate.


Simply one of the most knowledgeable loan officers Ive ever met. As a real estate agent who has to work with 10 or 15 loan officers a year, Chris is right up there at the top for competency and knowing how to get a complicated loan done. Hes saved a number of deals that other loan officers fumbled. 5 stars without question.”

– Russel B, real estate broker

Chris is absolutely a wizard with loans and I highly recommend him!
He walked me through everything and had a super personalized plan for me.

– Alice K, business owner

Chris made every step of this process straightforward and efficient. He was proactive, completely transparent, had every detail well in hand. It was reassuring to get every question easily answered, and to be a part of such a streamlined process.

– Amy C, business owner

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