Today’s Commercial Mortgage Rates –  April 22, 2024

What are today’s current commercial mortgage rates in California? View our commercial mortgage rate table below. Updated April 22, 2024.

Multifamily 5 Year 7 Year 10 Year
BANK 7.16% .24 7.15% .28 7.12% .34
AGENCY 6.19% .42 6.16% .38 6.08% .37
AGENCY SBL 7.14% .30 7.14% .30 7.09% .25
CMBS 7.37% .40 7.32% .40 7.02% .40
Commercial 5 Year 7 Year 10 Year
BANK 6.92% .00 6.87% .00 6.78% .00
CMBS 7.52% .40 7.47% .40 7.17% .40

Disclosure: Shown Rates are calculated as an average of participating lenders available rates within our network. The rates are provided for comparison purposes only. Actual rates are dependent on property and sponsor.

Commercial Mortgage Rate FAQs

How are today’s commercial mortgage rates calculated?

Today’s current rates are calculated using a spread over the major index, which is updated daily. Please note that the rates are shown strictly for reference purposes and provided for comparison purposes only. Actual rates are dependent on property and sponsor.

How do I get a personalized rate quote?

To obtain a personalized rate quote for your specific property, click here to begin our online application and our commercial loan officer Chris Mason will get in touch with you.

How often do commercial rates change?

Our daily average commercial mortgage rates are updated daily. Specific lenders update rates daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Can I lock in a commercial mortgage rate?

Generally most commercial lenders don’t allow you to lock in a rate like with residential lenders, but there are some that do, and that’s one reason to use our platform to access the most extensive lending coverage in the US.

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