Update July 14, 2024: The California Dream For All is coming back! See below for details.

California Dream Down Payment Assistance Program

America’s Home Loans is proud to offer the CalHFA California Dream For All Shared Appreciation Down Payment Assistance Program! 

ATTENTION HOME BUYERS: The California Housing Finance Agency has announced another $200 million round of funding for the California Dream For All program.

The Dream For All Program is now Live for 2024, please click here for details and next steps. Get started right away!

The California Dream For All program provides up to 20% towards the purchase price of your first home, in the form of a loan that you repay when you later sell the home, with very generous income limits for first time home buyers. Once paid back, the funds would then be re-invested into the program to help future first-time home owners break into the housing market in California.

The last round was the first round, and all $300 million was used up in only 11 days! The lesson learned is that those who waited for the program to go live to apply, didn’t get to use the program. It was already too late at that point. The best thing you can do to increase your odds of being able to participate in this program is to get preapproved and begin searching for homes BEFORE the next round goes live. That way we can submit your seller signed purchase agreement with your application the same day the new funding goes live.

Get preapproved online or schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Chris today so that you can best position yourself to take part in the California Dream For All’s next round of funding.

How It Works:

  • ✅ Must be a first-time home buyer or not have owned a home for the past three years.
  • ✅ Up to 20% down payment assistance from CalHFA.
  • ✅ Must be a single family home or qualified condo in California.
  • ✅ Must be your primary residence.
  • ✅ Home buyer education classes are required.
  • ✅ Must meet CalFHA county specific income limits.
  • ✅ Other restrictions apply, not all will qualify.
  • ACT FAST: The first round of funding was used up in only 11 days!

If you weren’t able to take advantage of the program during round one, this is your chance!

How To Get Started:

  1. Take the FREE online education ahead of time at www.calhfadreamforall.com
  2. Get preapproved for the Dream For All program that offers down payment assistance to the tune of 20% down (link below). That way when the program goes live, you’re ready to house hunt that very weekend.
  3. Have your Realtor lined up ahead of time. We will happily provide a free referral.
  4. Place aggressive offers. If $300 million got used up in 11 days, it’s not crazy to think that $200 million will get used up faster, especially now that more people know about the program. (It’s first come, first served.) In other words, if funding runs out while you are still looking at houses (which is what happened to all but ~2000 Californians, last time), then you will not be able to use the program.
  5. You have to have an offer accepted and be in contract on a specific property to reserve funds, and it’s first-come first-served.
  6. Please click this link to initiate the Dream For All Preapproval & Preregistration process (10 minutes) or pick a time on my calendar to touch base (1 minute).
  7. When it asks “where did you hear about us?” please answer “Dream For All Preregistration.”
  8. If your credit is frozen with any of the credit reporting bureaus, please unfreeze it, and let me know when 3 weekdays have passed from that point. Leave it unfrozen until you close escrow on your home purchase or refinance.
  9. When it gets to the part about entering your bank account logins/passwords (“Account Check”), please note there is a large “skip” button that you are more than welcome to click! Convenience versus security, the choice is yours.
  10. Once you complete the above, the three credit reporting agencies will be selling your contact information to a multitude of 3rd parties. I cannot opt out of this, but you can! Please click this link to opt out of junk mail and unsolicited spam calls (2 minutes).

Contact Chris Mason today for a free 15 minute consultation or begin the application process online to get started.

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California Dream For All FAQs

How is the California Dream for All different from other loans?

What sets the California Dream program apart from other types of loans is that you don’t pay any interest on the loan until you sell or refinance your home. And then, rather than an actual interest payment, you’d pay a share of the appreciation on your home. 

Who's funding the loans?

This California Dream For All program has been included as part of the state’s $300 billion legislative budget agreement. It’ll be funded by issuing revenue bonds of $1 billion dollars a year for ten years, and is expected to help about 7,700 borrowers annually.

How much interest do I pay on the loan?

Throughout the lifetime of your homeownership, you will not pay any interest on the loan. Only when you refinance or sell your home, would the state be reimbursed for its share of the home’s value. Those funds would then be re-invested into the program to help future home buyers.

Are there income requirements?

Whether or not you’d qualify for the California Dream for All program depends on the purchase price of the home and your income levels.

For example, in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, the income limit is $282k. In Solano County, the income limit is $215k. Below is a list of income limits for all counties in California.

Alameda| $282,000Orange | $235,000
Alpine | $188,000Placer | $202,000
Amador | $171,000Plumas | $163,000
Butte | $168,000Riverside | $173,000
Calaveras | $178,000Sacramento | $202,000
Colusa | $159,000San Benito | $208,000
Contra Costa | $282,000San Bernardino | $173,000
Del Norte | $159,000San Diego | $211,000
El Dorado | $202,000San Francisco | $300,000
Fresno | $159,000San Joaquin | $168,000
Glenn | $159,000San Luis Obispo | $216,000
Humboldt | $159,000San Mateo | $300,000
Imperial | $159,000Santa Barbara | $198,000
Inyo | $163,000Santa Clara | $300,000
Kern | $159,000Santa Cruz | $236,000
KINGS $159,000Shasta | $177,000
Lake | $159,000Sierra | $178,000
Lassen | $159,000Siskiyou | $159,000
Los Angeles | $180,000SOLANO $215,000
Madera | $159,000Sonoma | $223,000
Marin | $300,000Stanislaus | $159,000
Mariposa | $159,000Sutter | $159,000
Mendocino | $159,000Tehama | $159,000
Merced | $159,000Trinity | $159,000
Modoc | $159,000Tulare | $159,000
Mono | $161,000Tuolumne | $166,000
Monterey | $178,000Ventura | $228,000
Napa | $236,000Yolo | $211,000
Nevada | $194,000Yuba | $159,000
What are the education requirements?

Borrowers must complete two levels of homebuyer education counseling and obtain a certificate of completion through an eligible homebuyer counseling organization.

How do I get started with the California Dream For All program?

Contact Chris Mason today for a free 15 minute consultation or begin the application process online to get started.

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Update July 14, 2024: The California Dream For All is coming back! Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Chris to learn more.